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Sex Story

It was an early Saturday evening in Los Angeles, my wife Kory and I had just finished a lovely dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and were headed home to a nice, quiet evening of romance. We'd been married two years, and there was no other woman in the world that I wanted more. As we hurled along the darkened freeway I realized that I could very well be the luckiest man alive. The radio was on but I wasn't listening. Hell, I was hardly paying attention to the road.

Kory was wearing a tight, gray V-neck sweater that stretched across her round breasts and outlined her stiff nipples perfectly. I loved it when she went without a bra. The low cut neck was just right, exposing enough cleavage to give any man within eyeshot a nice, tall hard-on. The sweater went perfectly with her short plaid skirt, white knee-high socks and black Mary Jane's. Our friends would sometimes accuse her of dressing like a child, but I never once encouraged her to quit. Her long, black hair was tied into pigtails on either side of her head just the way I liked.

"I can't wait to get you home," I said, aware of the bulge forming in my jeans as I studied her outfit. I took a hand off the steering wheel and rested it in my lap, rubbing the bulge, wanting nothing more than to get a look at what was hiding under that plaid skirt.

Her gaze turned from the window, she saw my hand and what I was rubbing. She smiled; twisting in her seat to get a better view, hunger dancing in her eyes like fire. She unfastened her seat belt and slid a little closer.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her breath warm against my ear. One of her hands moved to my lap to take control of my stick. I closed my eyes with pleasure, remembered I was driving, and quickly gained composure.

"We'll be home in a few minutes," I said trying to coax her hand away from my groin. "If you keep this up we could get into an accident."

"I don't want to go home just yet," she purred. "Let's get some drinks, maybe some dancing. It'll be fun."

I liked the idea, alcohol always brought out the best of Kory in the bedroom. We arrived at a bar down Sunset slightly after nine o'clock. We found a space out front, parked and went in. The place was packed with men and women drinking and laughing and generally having a good time. We walked up to the bar and I ordered two vodka tonic's. Kory pointed to a table near the back. We fought our way through the crowd, holding our drinks aloft to avoid spilling them. Kory led the way holding my hand.

I got a bit too close to a cute blonde as I tried to squeeze past and for a brief moment my stiff member nestled itself into the crack of her ass. We were both fully clothed and the contact was only momentary, yet it was exciting none the less. She turned and smiled.

"Excuse you." She said playfully. I smiled back, apologized and continued through the crowd.

We sat down at the table, which had a perfect view of the dance floor, and scanned the crowd. It was a good mix of people. They all bounced and gyrated to the music, and I even found myself tapping my toe to the beat.

That's when I thought I felt Kory's fingers tugging on the zipper of my jeans. I looked down. That's exactly what was happening.

"What are you doing?" I asked through a smile, but she was so intent on my zipper she didn't seem to hear me.

She had my cock out within seconds and I suddenly found myself surrounded by strangers who could all get an eyeful of my swollen member. I looked around, a bit nervous, but no one was paying attention. We were in a private corner, but not quite private enough for our needs.

"Don't you think you should put that away?" I asked, not really wanting her to.

She gestured for me to be quiet and that was all the persuasion I needed. If my wife wasn't worried about being seen, then neither was I.

My head lolled slowly back and I gasped with pleasure as her head fell into my lap. I penetrated her soft, pink lips; her tongue danced along the head of my shaft. Her mouth was warm and wet and felt incredible. Her head began to bob up and down on my prick in time to the music. I began to moan softly as I crept along the back of her throat, my pubic hair tickling her nose. I instinctively palmed the back of her head as she sucked and my moans intensified.

I opened my eyes and glanced around just in case someone (or everyone) was watching. We continued undetected so I loosened up a bit; I wasn't going to allow fear of exposure to ruin a perfect evening. The music and commotion swelled around us but somehow it seemed as though we were alone, lost in a crowd of obscurity.

Then my gaze fell upon the blonde from earlier and our eyes met. She smiled remembering our encounter and I stiffened, barely managing to return her smile. She was squinting through the crowd, trying to get a better idea of what was going on under the table.

Suddenly Kory broke my grip and rose out of my lap, now swallowing me with her dark hazel eyes. She wiped away a thin stream of saliva from the corner of her mouth.

"Do you like that?" She asked, now working my cock with her hand. The blonde accessed the situation and hid her sudden amusement and shock behind her frothy drink.

"Yes," I answered Kory and she went right back to work giving me the best blowjob of her career. From across the room, the blonde hiked up her skirt and blew me a kiss. I watched the strobe lights bounce against her creamy thighs and black, satin panties. Then she waved goodbye and disappeared into the crowd.

"Did you see that?" I asked, knowing she hadn't. Kory took my penis out of her mouth and looked around.

"See what?" She asked.

"That girl over there just flashed her panties at me," I said.

"Was she hot?" Her fingers were skillfully working on me again. I couldn't lie to my wife, especially when she had a hold of my dick.

"She was hot," I said.

"Do you want to fuck her?" She asked playfully.

"I'd rather fuck you," I said. Kory squealed with delight and quickened her pace on my cock. I was almost ready to cum when she stopped and stood up.

"Zip up," she said, "We're going home."

Two minutes later we were back in the car headed for Tarzana. Kory was massaging my cock through my jeans, keeping it stiff. I thought about those black, satin panties all the way home.

"Looks like Jamie is home tonight," Kory said suddenly, referring to our roommate. His car greeted us as we pulled into the carport. "But he's not going to keep me from giving you the fuck of your life"

We went inside and found Jamie asleep on the couch, the television glowing quietly in the background. We snuck past his prone body and sprinted quietly down the hall to our bedroom.

I barely had time to close the door before that gray sweater found its way onto the floor. Kory's nipples were hard pink knots at the ends of her breasts; I squeezed them with both hands and buried my face into her chest. I could smell her sweet perfume as I peppered her breasts with kisses. Her hands worked their way to my pants and began to work on my zipper. A moment later, I was stepping out of my fallen laundry, my stiff cock standing at attention in front of me. Kory fell to her knees, picking up right where she left of in the bar.

My cock slid smoothly between her parted lips, plunging deep into her throat. She gripped my ass forcing my cock completely into her mouth. My body began to spasm with pleasure. I was ready to spurt. I grabbed her ponytails and began to tug at them, moaning and rocking my hips.

As she sucked she removed the rest of her clothes. I pulled my shirt up over my head and let it fall to the floor. We moved to the bed, completely naked, and settled onto the cushiony, queen-size mattress. Our mouths locked in a passionate kiss, our tongues danced together happily; our hands explored each other in the darkened world that was our bedroom. I rolled on top of my wife and spread her legs with my knees. Her pussy pulled apart and her wet lips glistened under the soft glow of the security light outside the bedroom window.

"I've been waiting for this all night," I said positioning the head of my penis against the lips of her hot, tight box. I could feel the heat rising from between her legs.

"Fuck me," she whispered, dragging her nails along the length of my back. "Fuck me, please, fuck me."

With one quick thrust, her wish was fulfilled. I began to pump in and out slowly, her pussy warm and inviting. I quickened the pace and she began to pant, her sharp hot blasts of breath tickled my ear.

"Faster," she managed in between grunts of pleasure. Now I was pounding her hard and fast, my balls slapping against her ass with a steady THWACK! THWACK! Her eyes closed, her head tilted to the side as she bit the palm of her hand to keep from crying out.

It was a steady drumming, faster and faster until I knew I couldn't hold out any longer.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered never losing stride. This simple phrase was just the spark Kory was waiting for and she instantly ignited.

"DO IT!" She screamed, forgetting all about our roommate. I could feel her muscles constricting around my prick as she mounted toward orgasm. "CUM INSIDE OF ME! CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!"

She was wailing now, her hands tight around my waist, eager to feel my spurt deep inside. I pumped my hips faster like a pair of pistons. This was it; I was about to unload. I threw my head back and groaned as the hot, sticky cum shot from the end of my rod and into the women I love. I was fucking her so hard I was afraid I was hurting her, but the look on her face told me that she was enjoying every second of it.

I collapsed on top of her, every ounce of energy drained from my body. My cock began to go limp inside her pussy and I felt cum bubble around it and roll down the crack of her ass, staining the sheet.

"That was incredible," she said at last. I didn't have the energy to respond but I nodded in agreement. We lay still for several minutes; my hand cupped her breast like a hammock.

That's when we heard it, a quiet tapping at our bedroom door. At first we tried to ignore it, but it grew louder.

"Yeah?" I called out, wondering what Jamie could possibly want at such a perfect moment.

"I just wanted to thank you both for the show," Jamie called through the door. "I could hear you out in the family room."

Embarrassed smiles spread across our lips as we realized just how loud we had been. I apologized to our roommate; half wishing that he could have joined us. Suddenly, as if reading my mind, Kory's eyes grew as wide as her smile.

"Why don't you invite him in?" She asked, one hand massaging my flaccid, sticky penis.

It had been a year since I first confessed to Kory that I thought it would be sexy to bring a man into our bed once in a while. The thought of watching her get fucked by another man always turned me on. At first, I was afraid of how she'd react to my confession, but she took it surprisingly well. She admitted that the idea of being ravaged by two men at once was a real turn on for her too and we often fantasized about what it would be like. But until now, the opportunity had never arrived.

I looked into Kory's eyes and knew that she was serious. It may have only been the alcohol, but whatever the reason, things were about to get interesting.

She had admitted to me once that she found Jamie rather cute and something told me that he had always had eyes for her as well. He'd been my best friend since high school and after he moved into our spare bedroom, Kory and I had secretly discussed ways of initiating a threesome. It seemed only natural, through the years Jamie and I had shared everything. And now after four months waiting, Kory and I were about to turn our fantasy into a reality.

"Hey Jamie, come in here," I called out. After a moment, the door slowly opened and he stepped timidly inside.

Kory immediately rose from the bed and crossed the room, her breasts bouncing in front of her as she approached. Without a word of warning, she grabbed Jamie's ass with both hands and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He looked confused at first but soon melted into her embrace and began to fondle her hard nipples and soft, luscious breasts. Kory pushed her tongue deep into his mouth like a soft, pink toothbrush.

I watched the action from the bed, lazily playing with my flaccid penis. Kory pulled herself off Jamie and curled back onto the bed next to me, spreading her legs.

"Now take your clothes off and come to bed," she said rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers.

Jamie followed her instructions to the letter, and soon the three of us were together on the bed examining each other's naked bodies. Kory was in the middle of the bed between us, and we were closing in like hungry sharks.

Whereas my penis was still struggling back to life after its incredible workout, Jamie's was fully engorged and ready for action. He was sitting on his knees, and Kory knelt before him, holding up his rock hard cock for inspection. I watched as she lowered her head into my friends lap, teasing him with her tongue. I began to rub Kory's ass with one hand while I stimulated my prick to erection with the other.

Kory kissed the head of Jamie's prick and a wave of ecstasy passed over his face. His eyes fluttered closed as the head of his cock sank into Kory's mouth. By now my erection was back. Seeing my wife on all fours, sucking my best friends cock was certainly enough to bring it back. I positioned my cock against her pussy, ready to slide it in again, ready to fuck her some more when she turned with a coy smile on her face.

"You've already had your turn," she said. "I think Jamie should fuck me now."

"That sounds fair," I said and moved into a better position to watch the action.

Kory coaxed Jamie onto his back, his prick standing straight up in the air. She straddled him and slowly slid down on his shaft until it was buried deep inside her. She began to bounce up and down on his cock, fingering her clit at the same time. Their rhythm picked up; faster and faster until she was grinding him so hard I was sure he'd cum at any moment.

Kory threw her head back and began to moan the way she does when she's close to orgasm. My cock was back to full strength and I was rigorously pumping at it as I listened to her pleasurable moans. Jamie joined in, moaning and grunting like an animal. She lay across his chest as the grinding continued, her ass pushed into the air. I saw this as a perfect opportunity.

I repositioned myself behind Kory so that I could easily glide my shaft toward her tight little ass hole. I wet two of my fingers with my tongue and rubbed the saliva into her anus.

"Yes," she whispered, guessing what I had in mind. "Fuck me in the ass."

I can't say no to the wife. I guided my cock in slowly, inch by inch until it was buried in her backside. Jamie was thrusting into her pussy hard and fast, while I pumped away at a slow, deliberate pace.

Kory was screaming with pleasure as our dicks probed deeper inside. Her body convulsed as she reached another orgasm, her breasts bouncing in front of Jamie's face like balloons. I quickened my pace, trying to keep in step with Jamie as he banged away. As our bodies tensed, and our grunting grew more breathy, I knew we were all cumming.

"Oh yes!" Kory screamed. "Fill me up! Fill me up with your cum!"

We were moaning and climaxing in unison, our juices running together like a creamy soup as we splashed into her. I collapsed onto Kory and the three of us lay there, gasping for air and glowing like fireflies.

Slowly Kory and I rolled off our roommate and the three of us embraced in a sticky tangle of arms and legs and naked bodies. Jamie and I kissed Kory's neck and massaged her breasts while she lay motionless, completely spent after a long night of pleasure.

My eyes grew heavy as I listened to the distant chorus of birds outside and I soon fell asleep in the arms of the woman I love and the best friend I've ever had. I suppose now, we truly have shared everything.

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