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Sex Story

I knew it was wrong. It was so erroneous but I couldn't stop myself. The battles that I had with both my conscious and myself were fresh in my mind. Every step I took towards the red brick building felt so good and so bad at the same time. Although the pull of my conscious was deep in my mind, I was making myself continue the walk.

I love him. Every part of him feels so good and I can't stand when I'm not with him. I cry every time I'm away from him yet the anticipation of our next meeting makes everything better. We never talk on the phone when we are away. We email but that is to update each other on our lives. With three children between the two of us, it is hard to keep track of everything going on. We love hearing about each other's families. It grounds us. It reminds us that this cannot go any further.

I tap on the door and it swings open. Stepping in, I see he is wearing jeans and nothing else. He knows it drives me crazy but I am already so horny that anything would push me over the edge. I'm in his arms the moment we hear the click of the door. It's that quiet in the room. We don't have to say anything. It's not necessary. I whimper as he wraps his strong arms around me and before I know it, he drags me onto the bed. My eyes are open. I never close them when we're together. I want to remember every thing about him. I can't keep pictures of him anywhere so my memory is what helps me remember every part of him. He pushes me onto my back and lifts my skirt. I know he is saying something about how I'm a tease. I know I am. Today I have worn the short black skirt and low cut black top. I'm not wearing panties. If he asks, I can tell him that on the drive here I was wearing them but I removed them and tucked them into my purse before I got out of the car. I will put them on before I leave.

Every time we make a wish, it's for a time machine. Every birthday candle we blow out, every dandelion we blow. Each coin we drop into a fountain has the same dream. We want to go back in time. We want to make different decisions then we did the first time. We want to make the choices that would have brought us together instead of breaking us apart. Maybe things wouldn't have been the way we imagine but at times, I think that things can't be much worse. The guilt doesn't eat at us anymore. It did the first few times but we got over it.

I gasp as his mouth covers my pussy. My knees are bent and I'm looking up at the ceiling. He is licking my small bud that is throbbing then sucking it into his mouth. I can feel his hands rubbing my inner thighs and soon the room fills with my moans and pants. I grip the sheets as he slides his thick fingers into my hole. He pushes in deep then holds still. He knows how it drives me crazy but he continues. I can hear my voice plead with him. I want him to finger me. I need more fingers inside me. He pulls them out and when I look down, I'm not surprised to see him licking his fingers. He's addicted to my taste. I want him to enjoy himself and taste me but I need his fingers back inside me. He nods and slides three fingers inside me. He tells me how many fingers he's using. I can't tell. My pussy stretches as he rubs me. Every inch of my pussy throbs. . He's found my gspot and is rubbing it. He does it so well that soon I roll onto my side to bite the pillow. The walls are thin and if I knew that no one would hear I would be screaming. Pleasure is washing through my body. He's continuing his assault on my pussy and he knows not to stop. His tongue licks my clit again and he starts making his grunting sounds. He loves making me cum and is just waiting for me to gush.

We met when I was in high school and he had just started a full time job. We dated for a few months but then I went off to university and we lost touch. We never forgot each other and so when we found each other through a social networking site it was no surprise that it was like we had never broken up. It started with an email sent late at night. It hinted that there were better things to do on a Saturday night then email your friend your activities for the week. The quick answer suggested that he was also doing nothing and the conversation turned to sex. Finding out that we were both in the same boat when it came to sex gave us an opportunity to have a conversation to compare notes so to speak. It was evident that our spouses thought sex was optional and the intimacy so needed in a relationship was voluntary. Soon we began sending erotic emails that turned from what we wanted our spouses to do to us to what we would do to each other. Our first meeting was nerve wracking, as we didn't tell our spouses. From the moment we touched, the electricity was burning between us and before we knew it almost everything we talked about happened.

I'm on my side as my body squirms in another orgasm. My shirt is off and I've kicked my shoes onto the ground. I push him away, needing a break from his fingers and tongue. He discerns what I'm going to do and he undresses and lies on his back on the bed. His cock feels amazing in my mouth. I sucked it the first time we met so many years ago and I still adore it in my mouth. I don't struggle to deep throat anymore. He's whimpering and rubbing my neck and shoulders. His hands slide through my thick locks. He could grab my hair at any moment and use my mouth but he won't. He knows that I don't need any encouragement at all. Soon I'm deep throating and holding and I can feel him tense up. His hand is at the base of his cock but I'm not letting go. I hate swallowing cum but there are things I will do for him.

Sometimes we talk about what happens if our spouses find out. There is always the chance. We are very careful but at the same time, we are desperate to go further. We still have sex with our spouses. That is one thing has changed since we first reunited. We push each other to make love to our spouses. We don't want what we do to replace the intimacy that we need in our marriages. What we do is our way of showing each other how much we love each other. We need a time machine to change what happened. We want to be together but know that this is all we will ever have.

I'm startled when a few minutes after I start sucking on him he starts to cum. I can hear what he's saying but I feel his cock pulse and the vein on the underside of his cock swells with cum. I swallow the first shot but then keep the rest in my mouth. I always forget that he cums a lot. I pull back and close my mouth. My hand holds his cock to capture any more drops of his hot cum. I'm ashamed that I can't swallow and rush to the bathroom to spit and rinse out my mouth. By the time I get back, he's lying on his back propped up by pillows. His hand is on his cock jerking off. I crawl onto the bed and straddle his left thigh, eyes glued to his cock and hand. He doesn't even need to say anything. We know what's going to happen.

Our families spend time together on during vacations. We'll go camping or go to an amusement park. Our children get along every well and his wife and I can chat it up for hours. My husband is so busy with work that he no longer comes on trips with us. On the few occasions he has tagged along, he's been quiet and reserved. It makes me feel sick to my stomach knowing that this is what I get at home. I didn't choose the energetic, romantic man. I chose the quiet, reserved man who was more financial stable and from a better family. It's not fair. I tell him that a lot when I'm depressed. I wish that I could have him. The pain I feel from wanting him so much is excruciating.

Our kisses are rough and eager as our hands fumble over each other's bodies. He wants to feel my breasts, my stomach, and my pussy. He reaches to guide his cock into my pussy. My hands run through his short hair then down his chest to his stomach. Our hands bump as I reach for his cock. He sinks inside me. We are one. He tells me he loves me. I tell him the same. We want to go slow and fast at the same time. He bucks up hard as I hold my breasts. The room fills with our moans and whimpers and I lean down so that we can have as much skin contact as possible. He feels so good inside me and so amazing against me. I'm holding back because I want this to last. I want this to never end.

I close my eyes and imagine that we're in our own bedroom and not some dingy motel on the edge of town. I imagine that the kids are at their grandparents and we're enjoying some alone time. I know he's thinking the same thing and soon he slows down. I open my eyes and see pure love in his. I'm not going to cry this time. I bite my lip to hold back the tears and he holds my face. We don't say anything. We don't have to utter a word. His orgasm is cathartic as his cock once against empties. I feel each spurt inside me. I love that he cums inside me. I enjoy feeling his semen inside my pussy. It is a token of our time together.

We lay together as one until we notice the time. He rolls off the bed and changes. I do the same and soon we are standing at the same door we greeted each other just hours before. We tell each other how much our love will keep us together. We know that there will be a next time. There will be a next time but not how both of us want it. We want more but that time machine doesn't exist. Going back and changing our decisions is not an option. This is the alternative we have and we'll take it.

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