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I was in a variety of relationships, before I met my future wife, and was in a few relationships, during the time we were seriously dating. The last two women in my life, before the engagement, were very open sexually and had additional people join us in our bed on multiple occasions. I was never able to convince my wife-to-be to engage in sex of this type, probably because she was a 30 year old virgin when we met.

One of the other women, in a sexual relationship with me, had the habit of calling my brother during the day, while I was at work. We had threesomes before, and she loved to have a hot fresh creampie, that my brother had just deposited, waiting for me when I came home. How she figured out my desire to be a cuckold I never guessed.

Once I was engaged to Jenny, I gave up other women, other men and the hope to be a "cucky hubby". We settled into married life and I began to teach Jenny all about herself and her sexuality, which included teaching her to masturbate, but she resisted every advance upon her anally, she refused to give head and wouldn't hear of adding anyone to our bed.

The 20 years we have been married were filled with vanilla sex on Sunday afternoons, and the claim that she was too tired to have sex on school nights, since she was a third grade teacher for years before we met. All that changed after last school year, and since summer began she has wanted to have sex every other day.

Oral sex, always seemed very dirty to her and I sometimes had wondered if she was enjoying the long deep licking and sucking I always gave her before the Sunday sex. Now her enthusiasm for my oral had grown and she wrapped her legs around my head and instructed me to her pleasure. I didn't care what caused her sudden interest in sex, but I was gonna ride the wave of pleasure as long as it lasted.

The new school year started and she didn't claim the school night exemption, even though she worked just as hard and was getting home earlier, with more work to be done while at home. So I was getting my oral gratification and, for the first time ever, after she was pumped full of my hot cum, she encouraged me to eat and clean the "dirty mess" down there. The only thing that could have made my life better would have been to watch her make me her "cucky hubby", and in fact, she had already accomplished it.

Before we were engaged, Jenny had been staying overnight at my home, when my current live-in appeared and caused Jenny to flee. I was totally embarrassed and as a result I failed to call Jenny for weeks, and had to put up with the wrath of my live-in. That is when it began as my wife confessed to me, during the school Christmas Party.

Jenny was upset and depressed, after the event, and one of her custodian women friends at school got her to open up and release all her pent up emotion one afternoon, after the majority of the teaching staff had departed. Jenny opened up to Barb and eventually their hugging and tears led to kissing, petting and an invitation to follow Barb home. Jenny accepted and they went to Barb's home and Barb's husband.

Jenny had decided, that if I was going to have fun, so was she, and she let Barb seduce her. They were undressing each other, in Barb's bedroom, when her husband Bob came silently into the room and started to caress Jenny's back and shoulders. It wasn't long before Jenny was stretched out on Barb's bed, with her ankles on Bob's shoulders and his thick cock opening her like never before.

Jenny's head was at the edge of the foot of the bed and Barb had lowered her wet pussy right onto Jenny's mouth. Bob was slowly fucking her, all the way in and a sideways rotation before drawing out until only the fat head was lodged tightly in her hole. Then slowly penetrate her insides, until she was totally stretched and open to his double-wide cock. Barb was on her knees, with her new pussy-licker enthusiastically slurping and sucking the girly cum squirting from her open cunt.

It began on that day and became a regular after-school function for the three of them, for the next twenty years, until Barb retired and they moved to Tennessee. Her wedding day and vows didn't change her desire to have "afternoon delight"

There was plenty of "school night sex going on, only I was not invited, and Bob's cock stretched out her hole so that it was Sunday afternoon before she had a tight pussy for me to fuck.

This is what I learned from my wife, at the Christmas Party. Barb and Bob were her best lovers and I could be the cucky hubby to her and them. She was retiring at the end of the school year and we were moving to Tennessee, to live with Barb and Bob. I was going to finally be able to enjoy the sexual lifestyle I had craved for my entire married life. I don't know how she could have given me a better gift at Christmas, until she told me that Barb and Bob were in town and staying at our home until her school break was over.

The story of those two weeks of bliss will have to wait for another time, but leave it said that I watched closely as Bob stretched and plundered my wife over and over, while waiting to slurp his massive cum loads from her gaping hole.

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