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Neelam was now in her prime but still she had everything any man could ask for in a wife. When Neelam married Jamil she was barely eighteen and now she was almost twice that age. She was still a beautiful woman. Her body looked just as firm as she had when she and Jamil married. They were an average couple leading a normal life, and she was a typical South Asian wife: housing keeping, cooking, and managing the house. All those years, she remained faithful to her marriage and her husband, and made no demands on him.

Like most Indian girls, Neelam had remained a virgin until her wedding night and it was her husband who broke her hymen. However, her innocent sexual pursuits started much earlier, like most of other local girls: smiling, winking, and flirting with boys of her own age. Going into secluded places like dark corners, bathrooms, and roofs of the houses, wandering hands and kissing inciting their hidden curiosity to explore the bodies of the opposite sex. In spite of that, she never allowed her boy cousins or boyfriends to go further than lifting her top and inspecting her boobs.

Her marriage was an arranged by elders both of the families and her husband had made that night unforgettable for her. She'd heard the stories of first-time penetration: shattering, painful, unpleasant, and bloody. However, it didn't turn out to be like that for her at all. She was made so excited and aroused and wet by her husband, Jamil, that his cock met practically no resistance and slipped inside her with ease. She had never forgotten the pleasure of making love for the first time: the warmth of a nice hard cock inside her and joys of all the excited kisses that they shared. She especially liked it when he had ejaculated deep inside her, when the flood of his hot cum had completely drenched her pussy, giving her a sensation that she loved.

Neelam was now in her prime but still she had everything any man could ask for in a wife, but as a fantasy object, she may be even better. Slightly shy, she was a tiny little woman, merely 5'4" tall, with a slight figure. However, like a fine wine, her body had become more 'delicious' as it aged, pretty lean for a 36-year-old woman, but with a fuller figure than in her earlier years. She'd kept herself in a good shape: fit and smart, and people usually took her to be much younger than she actually was; she looked like an older sister of her daughter. Her black hair was soft and smooth, and the long tresses reached down to her hips. She had a long slender neck with raised collarbones below touching the expanse of her large and pert breasts that stood firmly and proudly with jutting hard nipples. Her alluring belly was round and tiny, and her hourglass figure narrowed at the waist to flare up again in lush beautiful hips. She had a stunningly erotic ass that forced the onlookers, even women, to swing their heads around to feast their eyes on the view. Her face was reminiscent of an innocent child: a perfect oval with big black eyes, a small delectable nose, high cheekbones, and fuller lips—a shade of red roses, soft and delicate like a flower. She never used much makeup except a light shade of lipstick and mascara, and she didn't even need that.

Neelam, in general, was a pleasant and friendly person who wore a constant smile; whoever met her enjoyed her company as she always tried to be friendly. What they didn't know, however, was that she had a split personality: on the one hand, she was a decent, sober and reserved woman but on the other, she could be a real slut when she was in the mood, and she was also somewhat flirty.

To outsiders it would appear that Neelam was leading a happy and smooth life but for the last few years, her marriage was in the doldrums. Jamil, once her passionate lover husband and they had enjoyed each other's company for years, had seemingly lost interest in her. It was not that he was inclined towards some other woman but he got himself so deeply buried in the business that sex or love had became secondary for him, and he had no time for this worthless routine. She couldn't honestly recall the last time they had made love, real passionate love. She was a human after all and had her own needs and desires, so she took refuge in masturbation. For the first time she masturbated there was little remorse that she had cheated her husband in her mind but she was happy to have discovered it. But she wanted real man with real muscle. She wished her husband could do it to her. During masturbation she often was fantasizing often about one real guy, Junaid whom was Jamil's close friend from college days. He was six feet tall with broad shoulders and a wide chest. He had jet-black eyes and as black hair, an oval face, and a sharp jaw. He had an affluent and respectable family background and was soft spoken, modest and down to earth. Unfortunately, he also had a less than perfect marriage, as he never ever clicked with his wife who came from a wealthy, rural family, but was not well educated and never mixed with his friends.

Junaid always had looked at Neelam with a keen eye, and really fancied her a lot, for she always looked gorgeous in stylish traditional clothes and to Junaid everything about her was so perfect! "Why couldn't she be his wife," he often thought. Lately, he had developed a craving for her, for her velvety flesh. He felt always guilty when he thought about her because she was his friend's wife and he wanted to take her to bed. He wondered just how far she would let him.

By the same token, as previously mentioned, Neelam had developed a keen interest in Junaid. She liked him a lot and felt sorry about his lousy marriage. "A man like him certainly deserved better than that," she thought. She had always felt comfortable in his company, and since he became a permanent feature of her sexual fantasies, being in his presence had a very sensual affect on her, at times making her so horny that she used to get wet between her legs, soaking her shilwar with her juices.

As time passed they both realized that the other had similar feelings toward them, and unconsciously they became closer to each other day by day. Soon they very discreetly started flirting with each other and then got bolder with the passing days. As Neelam usually wore low cut necklines, she never missed an opportunity to show him her cleavage, while Junaid never passed up any chance to touch her body physically. She always wore a bra under but her breasts were high, firm and round. Juneed always thought about how it would be to get a taste of them on his tongue. On one occasion, she had to excuse herself right from the middle of a gathering at their house to go to the bathroom because she had drenched her shilwar as Junaid toyed with her. She unknotted the waistband of her shilwar and slipped her fingers into it. Finding her slippery labia lips and spreading them apart, she inserted a finger in her pussy and began fingering herself. Imagining that it was Junaid's cock fucking her, she clung to the towel rail with her free hand and moaned under her breath. Her eyes were closed, visualizing herself kissing Junaid, caressing first his chest then his ass, licking his lips and wrestling his tongue with hers. She finger-fucked herself to a quick climax, though masturbating did not lessen her desire for a man's cock inside her, especially Junaid's. That was the only reason she started little filtration with juneed, but as a wise woman she did it very cleverly pretending like a sister in law to her brother in law. Her cleverly behavior assured her husband that these were humble and harmless love between a brother in law and sister in law so he never objected. Jamil never suspected his wife because she was a faithful and very religious woman or Junaid because he trusted Junaid to be an honest and straight forward. One morning, Junaid went to see Neelam knowing that her hubby was away on a business trip. He was a bit surprised to find the front door unlocked. Standing in the lobby, he heard noise coming from the kitchen, so he approached and immediately saw her, a voluptuous, curvaceous beauty dressed in...Good Heavens...she was wearing a negligee, looking so sexy in that sensuous garment. Hearing a movement behind her, she turned around, and froze in her tracks.

"Hi!" Junaid barely managed to say. He was in shock to see her in a sexy semi transparent nightie, and felt his cock twitch.

"Oh my God! You really scared me! How did you come in? Wasn't the door locked?"

"No, it was open."

"Oh you naughty man! Don't you know how to knock." She was scrambling and trying to hid her.

"I never knocked why I would have knock today? I thought you would be at home I didn't have to knock, anyway You should be more careful about keeping the front door locked, especially when you're home alone."

She just nodded and said, " I always try to lock the door, but I don't know how I forgot it today."

He had moved closer to her as she talked until he was standing within a few feet length from her. They stood looking in eye to eye each other. Her eyes were shining. She was a stunning beautiful woman. Any man in the world would like to lay with her in any cost. He was unable to take his eyes off the view before him while, her eyes had never left his face and he could see the excitement in her eyes. She was looking right up at him with eager eyes.

Overwhelmed by her splendor of her revealing outfit, he stood still appreciating the beauty of this goddess; his eyes fixed on her magnificent cleavage. Her garment hardly concealed her proudly standing out breasts. Noticing this, her face suddenly turned red with embarrassment realizing her near nakedness because of improper dress. He wanted to take her right now and fuck her with all he had. They again glanced at each other and she turned away, blushing furiously. "Excuse me for just a minute," she said, trying to hurry past a transfixed Junaid, who by then was excited, nervous and horny. The devil in him was fully awake and it had overpowered him, and he wanted to fuck her right there! As she went past him, he abruptly grabbed her forearm and forcefully pulled her towards him. With a jolt, she bumped into his chest, her breasts rubbing against his body, and as she squirmed in his arms, Junaid encircled his arms tightly around her and pulled her closer towards him. The whole action was so quick that Neelam was stunned, unable to move. Junaid expected Neelam to be angry and slap him, but she was so shocked that she froze in her position, just staring at him.

Both were silent, and each could feel their hearts beating faster, his eyes observing the slow rise and fall of her breasts. "What the hell..." Neelam tried to say, taking in a sharp breath and trying to pull away from him, but he was holding her so tightly she couldn't move. " Junaid, you need to stop. You're going too far." she turned her face and licked her lips. She was definitely enjoying what he was doing. She was burning with passion and wanting and was feeling wet between her legs.

"I love you, Neelam," Junaid said impulsively.

Her face turned red. She really didn't know what to say. All sorts of thoughts came into her mind at once and she had no clue on how to respond to any of this. But she managed to say, "Shame on you for saying this. I am an old married woman."

"An old married woman that can still turn a lot of heads walking down the street. I bet that is why Jamil keep you in Vail to keep the men's eyes away from you."

Beads of perspiration glimmered on her brow. ""You are a flirt. You must have been through this with many women before. I'm not like these women."

" I swear, I'm really attracted to you"

Her face was turning red, "You must be saying this to everyone you meet, but Junaid, please let me go, before someone comes in, this is wrong, my husband would shoot you if he knew you were flirting with me" she pleaded. Though she feared but it was really fun for her as it has been first time in her life since anyone took a chance like that with her.

"No one can come in, the door is locked, and I'm not going to tell your husband nor you can dare to tell him, " Junaid replied as he felt the heat emanating from her lush body. He was overwhelmed by her aroma filling his nostrils, and was completely aroused and horny. His cock twitched again, becoming fully erect, and he made no effort to hide his hard-on.

Neelam was speechless, shocked by the feel of his erection pressing against her. Her mind was racing. Did she want to stop all this? It would have been simple; a slap on his face and it would have been over, but somehow she couldn't do it. She had betrayed herself but she was not surprised. She had known for a long time that this day would come but never really figured out how she would react. "NO, Junaid, no, please don't, No." and she tried to push him back. Still she resisted, though in a weaker voice this time, "Please, Junaid let me go! I just can't do it."

"I want you Neelam and I know you want me too," he replied.

"Oh, no!" she whined, "This isn't right. Please don't. Junaid, please ... please..." She felt his hard muscular body pressing against hers and his arms pressed her to his chest. From her resistance he knew she liked it now. He said something she could not understand, then, taking her chin in his hands, he murmured almost inaudibly, "Give me a kiss and I'll go," he said, his lips just inches from hers. His hands were just on the crest of her ass, at the point where her back ended and ass started. He wanted to go lower and grab her ass, so he moved his hands now to her ass and squeezed them firmly.

"No, please, Junaid, we can't start this. What if your wife or Jamil found out?" Her protest was not as strong as earlier. In actuality in her heart of hearts she did not want him to stop. Yes, she was completely ready for him, wanted him to kiss her, wanted him to feel her, and, of course, wanted him to enter her. Suddenly, his lips were kissing her cheeks and neck, his hot tongue leaving a sensational trail beside the neckline of her negligee. She also felt passion and warmth in his hands caressing her body and an electrifying wave ran through her, causing her to tremble with passion and anticipation. She already began to feel the spasms of awakening desire by dampness in her pussy. Her body so stimulated, her flesh become more sensitive with each swirl of his hand.

"I really want to kiss you ...even if you are to hate me for that...just one kiss" "If I do agree to this, would you keep it secret?" she asked.

"Of course I wouldn't, what do you say? How can I disclose as your husband is my best friend and I have also my family? I would never act to destroy both the families."

"What about your friendship with my husband?"

"It would still be ok. But I think it will make our friendship closer. " He said

It was more than she could resist. Her hesitation was less than half a second. She said:" Just promise you will stop when I ask you, and this would be just this one time." She said that involuntary, she could swear but juneed couldn't mistake the desire in her voice. There was no chance she was going to stop him now.

Now juneed needed no further encouragement, her words were green signal for him. This was it, Now or never. He leaned forward and kissed her. He started to kiss her. First it was her neck where his face was buried. Then he kissed her ear and earlobe. Then her neck, soon he reached to lips and he kissed them. The kiss was very gentle. He didn't want to spook her and have her run. Never in his dreams had he thought he would ever get this far with her. She tried to pull away slightly but he didn't let go her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. Once again he placed his lips on hers and french-kissed her passionately. She was too hot and he loved the warmth and wetness of her mouth. He wanted to slide his tongue in her mouth, first she resisted but then she parted her lips and allowed his tongue deep inside her. He licked her mouth, she didn't kiss back but she was not stopping him either. Wild thoughts flooded her mind. This was the first time any man other than her husband had ever kissed her. She was confused but elated, and for several seconds she resisted. She suddenly found herself responding to Junaid's kisses. She looked into his eyes and smiled before her arms went around his broad shoulders pushing him towards her lips and she moved her tongue into his mouth fervently, surprising both Junaid and herself. They held each other there in a passionate embrace, not letting go. All Neelam could think of now was how much she wanted Junaid to fuck her right here and now.

Kissing passionately, their tongues danced into each another's mouths, desperately searching for the counterpart. His warm lips felt rough to her while hers were also warm but soft. She could feel his engorged cock pressed against her belly as she sucked on his tongue probing her mouth. Their passion now taking over as they hungrily kiss each other, their tongues probing, their saliva mingling. She was now enjoying the feeling of his hardness against her and was now craving to get it inside her. She desperately wanted to be laid by him, to have him fuck her, to screw her. Even though the two had been married to their respective spouses for several years and were in their thirties, they had incited and aroused each other in such a lusty way that neither of their spouses had ever done.

As they kissed passionately Junaid got bolder and his daring hands eagerly began to explore her beautiful body. He desired to see her boobs in their natural form, mold them to the shape of his hands, knead them, ravish them, and feast on them. His mind raced to imagine thousands of things he would love to do with those proud boobs of hers. He reached for her soft breasts and as his hands touched them, her whole body shuddered and began breathing heavily as he tied to uncover her tits. "Let me see them," he demanded.

"No! You have made promise me you would stop when I asked to stop." she snapped, trying to remove his hand from its resting-place.

"Come on, sweetie!" Junaid laughed as he pulled her back into his strong embrace, kissing her hard on the mouth. He kH

They'd be kissing while her hands would be on his ass and his were playing with her breasts. He kneaded her breast through the fabric of her negligee and then attempted to pull it off.

"No, please don't," she pleaded, halfheartedly tried to stop him in a last ditch effort.

"Come on, I want to see them," he insisted, his voice getting louder.

"Stop yelling," she hissed.

"Let me see them and I'll stop yelling."

"Okay," she whispered. "I will show you but not now, some other time, all right?" she teased him.

"What!" he almost shouted in amazement and asked: "Why not right now? Are you nuts? I want to see them now!" His tone was stern and Neelam looked at him without replying. Her nipples were already hard from his caressing and kneading and she felt a trickle of wetness dribbling down between her legs. She turned her face away from Junaid, not daring to look into his eyes or to move, and without any further words being spoken, he pulled off her nightie before she could change her mind. She didn't care when he removed her nightie to a side. Neelam wanted some thing more. Of course, she was wearing no bra or panties, and she stood there, completely naked in front of the man of her fantasies. Her pale unblemished skin glowed in the low light, with beads of perspiration glowing like pearls on her skin. The sweat drops trickled down between her breasts, which although they had sagged a little over the years, they were still full and attractive. Her round perky breasts and now erect light brown nipples were more than a fantasy. Her breasts were more beautiful than he imagined. It was a perfect round shape. Her nipples were hard, just waiting to be nibbled on by someone. He'd never seen breasts like this before. It's been a while since he'd been 40 or been with a late thirties old female, so the firmness of her body and skin drove him crazy.

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